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DonMaTi - Superbojownik · 6 lat temu
What`s the difference between jew and a cornish pastie??

Cornish pastie doesn`t scream, when you put it in the oven

Why Pakistanis are not good at football??

Because whenever they get corner, they build shop on it...

In the fight between black man and gypsy happens that they both die.
Who win??


Two asian mans jumped of the bridge. One of them is wearing a turban. Which one will hit the ground first??

Who gives a shit...

How would You call a black woman in abortion clinic??

Ostatnio edytowany: 2015-09-17 03:13:05

Bo jest paru ludzi, bo jest parę w życiu dobrych chwil...


All that's left are me & the other pissed-off cockroach motherfuckers.
Forum > English Jokes > A few classics
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