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Miniaturka MTV
Flying Bach
Die Breakdance-Weltmeister "Flying Steps" tanzen in der Nationalgalerie zum "Wohltemperierten Klavier". Die Kombination aus Barock-Musik und Jugendkultur passt prächtig zusammen. Rezension unter: (14 502x oglądano na YT)
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Miniaturka MTV
Chuck vs Apple
Chuckie demonstrates total concentration as he destroys and perfectly good Fugi apple with his forehead. (804x oglądano na YT)
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Miniaturka MTV
Mario na lodzie
Super Mario Bros (79 671x oglądano na YT)
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Miniaturka MTV
Snookerzysta bez rąk
Here I am trying to make a big break, but due to a kick on the last pink I lost position on the final red and broke down at 30! I knew i had a good chance of going in off on the final red but tried to force it but the red rattled instead of the white!!you can hear the kick on the pink so it's no excuse! honest! my dream is to one day play jimmy white, or ronnie o'sullivan that's i(…)
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Miniaturka MTV
Będą z niego piłkarze
Jeśli dziecko potrafi robić coś dobrze, to najczęściej mówi się, że "będą z niego ludzie"/"wyjdzie na ludzi". Ten małolat ewidentnie chce wyjść na piłkarza. Na miejscu PZPN już szukałbym mu babci w Polsce.
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Miniaturka MTV
Największy fan 76ers
Philadelphia 76ers ma wielu fanów. Ma wielu wielkich fanów. Ten zdaje się być jednak jednym z największych.
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Miniaturka MTV
Oddam lamę w dobre ręcę
Http:// People are left in the park with a Llama on a leash in a "No Llama" zone and get a ticket for it. A presentation of the Just For Laughs Gags. The funny hidden camera pranks show for the whole family. Juste pour rire les gags, l'ĂŠmission de camĂŠra cachĂŠ la plus comique de la tĂŠlĂŠ! (21 246x oglądano na YT)
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Miniaturka MTV
Crash-testy jajek
We're uploading a series of "eggsperiments" to mark Easter, starting with these crash tests from the Biomechancal lab. Facts and figures about this video at More physics and engineering at (54 830x oglądano na YT)
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Miniaturka MTV
I po pucharze...
After a 1 to 0 Victory against Barcelona, Sergio Ramos "accidently" drops the trophy, hahaha (302x oglądano na YT)
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Miniaturka MTV
The Dreamgirls
The X Factor: These girls have moved all the way from Lithuania just to win The X Factor. Was their trip worth it? See more at (1 387 521x oglądano na YT)
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